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Distance: 68.45 miles Altitude Gain: 2,751 ft Avg Speed: 16.55 mph
Route: Cooper Plains- Whiskey Creek Avg Grade: 0 % Max Grade: 0 %
Max HR: 164 bpm Avg HR: 126 bpm Terrain: Road: Hills
Bike: custom built Cipollini RB800 Road Club: Schuyler County Cycling Club
Weather Conditions: Sunny 70 F SW wind @ 11 mph
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 Hard Climbing
Best day of the year for riding as the temperature was supposed to break into the seventies. There was a decent amount of wind but the warm air and sun easily compensated for that. Rode the course I had planned on riding Tuesday before wimping out. Pretty much two steepish climbs and then long shallow downgrades. Started off up Steuben St in Montour and riding up by the track to Coopers Plains. Wasn't sure how the legs would feel after stressing them a bit yesterday, but they turned out to feel really well throughout the near seventy mile ride. Started out on the first climb out of the saddle but had to sit down before getting through the steepest section. Had a really poor transition to sitting and spinning as I just kind of lingered on the climb for a minute or two. Legs kicked in and had a good spin and made excellent progress to the first time check coming in with a ten point one. Nowhere near a great time but got over the ten threshold early in the year. Sat and spun to the next time check at the tower by the track and got a ten five. Tried to pick it up over the last couple of miles and fell short of my goal of twelve with an eleven eight. Originally planned on taking it a bit easy on the next sixteen miles of downgrade and headwind but decided to keep pushing hard for an hour and then back off. Made Monterey on the hour then set my computer to view heart rate only and spun to Coppers Plains. Made the turn out of the wind back towards Corning and checked my average and had gotten it up to fourteen five. Picked the pace up and sailed through Corning with only one stop at a red light. Got to the base of the second climb at Whiskey Creek at fifteen, and thought if I have a good climb and catch a tail wind home I'll be able to get it up to a seventeen and would be very pleased Struggled a bit on the three mile climb but knew when I crested I'd have thirty miles of downhill and tailwinds. Got over the top with a fourteen five. I have my computer set for a sixteen six goal and it said I was twenty one minutes and five and a half miles from where I would be at that speed. Had some work to do and hammered the six or seven miles of downgrade to Elmira. Got the average up to fifteen six and thought things looked promising. Plan fell apart going through Elmira as I hit almost every light red. I lost between ten and twenty seconds at each stop and ended up losing a big chuck of time. Wind didn't help at first as had a crosswind through Horseheads to Pine Valley. Finally got the tailwind and kept the speed in the mid twenties all the way home. I was a mile down with three miles to go to get the sixteen six "thanks for playing" average. The seventeen goal was lost at the red lights in Elmira. Pretty much sprinted out of the saddle for the large portions of the last two miles and just made the time with no road left. Felt really good on the bike for a change and had a blast chasing numbers. Didn't see any other riders at all which is kind of disappointing.

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