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Distance: 30.40 miles Altitude Gain: 2,209 ft Avg Speed: 13.83 mph
Route: Mechlenberg Reverse Avg Grade: 0 % Max Grade: 0 %
Max HR: 154 bpm Avg HR: 95 bpm Terrain: Road: Hills
Bike: custom built Cipollini RB800 Road Club: Schuyler County Cycling Club
Weather Conditions: Sunny 56 F W wind @ 20 mph
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 Even More Wind
A little bit cooler today but an okay day for a ride despite the gusting wind. Decided against a longer ride today as just didn't want to do another ride in the wind. The wind had shifted from the south to the west that gave me a couple of options and decided to do the Mechlenberg loop with two climbs and a few rollers and only about five miles of headwind. A majority of the ride ended up being crosswinds. Tried the climbing legs out on the first climb up Old Odessa and it went fairly well and without any of the pain I experienced yesterday. Spun some and stood some but kept a pace that maintained a low heartrate. Had returned to my winter attire and thought I may have made a mistake as my computer told me it was sixty degrees on the first climb. Turned out I was dressed appropriately as the temperature dropped into the forties in Smith Valley. Saw my second cyclist of the year going the opposite way near Steam Valley. Made an effort on the second climb out of Mechlenberg then toned down for the remaining rollers and downhill home. Highlight of the day was downhilling in the mid forties while being hit will thirty mile an hour gusts of crosswinds. Got a bit hinky and I tensed up and made it worse until I finally relaxed and things went much smoother, Weather turning more seasonable for the next week and not sure weather I'll keep the road bike out or return to the mountain bike,

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