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 Franklin County Century
Made a four hour drive yesterday to Chambersburg, PA for a metric century. I've done this route a couple of times but this year they have removed the mountain climb loop from the full century and left the it as a metric. Got to the parking lot of the event a little after seven and there were a couple hundred cyclist milling about. They decide had a social distance schedule this year where you had a fifteen minute window that you were scheduled to register and start in. I had selected eight AM so just did endless loops around the parking lot waiting for my registration pick up time. Talked to a couple others and they didn't bother with the scheduled times and they were given their packets anyways. Picked mine up by eight and when I returned to the parking lot it was a ghost town. Seems I was about the only one in my scheduled time slot that was still around. Got to the starting location and tried to sync my garmin to the provided course, but either it had a problem or the gps course gps provided started somewhere else nearby. Rather than cruising around trying to get my Garmin to get me to the start, I started at the starting location and would depend on the road marks for my directions. Was a bit miffed as I headed out into a stiff headwind alone. There were three hundred riders registered and here I was pushing a headwind alone. Didn't think I would be catching any groups of riders in my class at any time soon. It really is a nice rolling course without any serious climbing but there are a couple of challenging short wall type climbs. Course starts out on an upgrade, and I caught three or four riders fairly quickly. After that though it was another five miles of headwind to the first climbs. Pushed hard through the winds and the climbs, and thought I might be able to connect with a group at the first rest stop at fifteen miles. Got to the rest stop and there were only a couple of riders there but was able to see a couple groups further up the road. Caught up with two groups with ten to twelve riders each but both were touring club groups riding at a fairly slow pace. Started catching a few more riders but none that were riding near my pace. Got close to the Maryland border and knew I was off course as came to a turn with no markings. Having done the course before though I knew about where it crossed the interstate and that I was inside the loop of the course. Headed for the border and soon saw some riders and got back on course. I shaved a couple of miles off the course by missing the turn. Stopped at the rest stop at forty seven miles and got some water and some trail mix. Picked up another rider at the rest stop and road with him back to the finish. So did get to ride with someone for eighteen of the sixty five miles, but the meat of the course was over by that point. We did have a tailwind and most of the elevation was done in the first two thirds of the course. Rode another short loop after finishing the ride to make up for the part I had missed while off course. They put on a nice feast with BBQ chicken after the ride. It was a really nice course but was overall disappointed. The social distancing thing was a joke that I fell for. I could have ridden the course alone without paying the entry fee. Probably won't go back unless they return to a mass start as I can social distance ride alone at home without the cost of the entry fee.

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