Texas Canine Ambush   
 Ride Stats
Distance: 23.55 miles Altitude Gain: 1,126 ft Avg Speed: 14.16 mph
Route: Rock Stream Avg Grade: 0 % Max Grade: 0 %
Max HR: 156 bpm Avg HR: 116 bpm Terrain: Road: Hills
Bike: custom built Cipollini RB800 Road Club: Schuyler County Cycling Club
Weather Conditions: Cloudy 52 F NW wind @ 9 mph
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 First Climb
Weather forecast was for high fifties with a moderate south wind. Planned on riding south up the valley then catching a tail wind home. As soon as I got to the main valley road though, I found out the wind was ripping from the north. A decision was made to head into the wind and the only way out of the valley to the north is uphill. I pulled into Watkins and found that the temperature dropped from the high fifties to the low forties due to the cooling of the wind off the lake. Thought I would regret not wearing gloves, but as I spun up the first climb I was getting out of the lake effect cold and things improved drastically. I even got a little sun through the angry looking low flying clouds. Didn't do much on the climb as my computer nanny has been telling me that I need to focus on low intensity aerobics to offset my high intensity indoor training sessions to improve my fitness. I really only did one climb though my computer broke it up into two mile and a half climbs. Couldn't keep the heartrate down on the second climb as it wasn't easy to get my fat body up the eight percent sections of the climb. Crested the hill into Reading Center and then had an easy day of it as the rest of the ride was downhills and tailwinds. Did catch some light rain descending into Rock Stream and was surprised that despite the heavy rain yesterday there was still quite a bit of grit on the roads. Coasted into Watkins and back into the cold, but it wasn't as bad as the wind was now at my back. Rode fairly slowly today but that was the plan. Was kind of disappointed I didn't spend much time in the fifty-degree areas but really can't complain too much because it is still January.

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