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 Two Soakers
High winds and heavy rains passed through during the night but left us with a little warm weather with temperatures in the mid-forties. Took a short ride again first passing through town to see how much damage the wind did, then heading to the Bird Trail to look for fallen trees. Actually saw the sun for about three minutes before it was swallowed again by the clouds. It was nice to see it again, but it is so far to the south that it doesn't add much warmth. There was quite a bit of debris strewn about but roads were in fairly good shape. Headed down to the trail and found several sections under standing water. Saw signs that someone had skied on it recently. Made it about halfway before encountering a large, downed tree blocking the path. Had to break a few small branches to clear a window to get myself and the bike through. Had to dismount a few more times to get by downed branches. Adventure went south as one of the sections of standing water turned out to be quite deep. It just came up to my bottom brackets but had to submerge both feet while pedaling through it. Ended up with two ice water soakers and decided that was enough riding for the day and headed home. Temperature is forecast to continue dropping throughout the day with more rain moving in.

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