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 Slow Riding with Joe
Legs were a bit tender from yesterday's racing and Joe cranked out a sixty miler yesterday, so we decided to take a slow mostly flat ride. We agreed on a fat burning Sunday ride in June to average between fifteen and sixteen miles an hour. Being a flat ride, we immediately headed up Fitzpatrick Hill to climb out of the valley and avoid any headwind coming down the slot. Didn't break any records on the climb nor in the first few miles across Middle Road to Horseheads. We headed up the second climb of the day up Lattabrook Road. It is a four or five mile climb along a creek starting out at two percent for a good portion of the hill. The grade gradual increase as the top nears, and tops out at seven percent for a few yards. We reached the maximum elevation for the day atop the hill and the remaining forty miles was downhill and mostly tailwind. We picked up the pace through the rollers to North Chemung and held a good clip to Lowman. After that it was all flat land. We got through Elmira today with only a couple interruptions by stoplights. Once we got back into the slot down SR 14 the pace picked up without too much effort. Joe got a little feisty on the downgrades and ended up pushing the average above sixteen. I didn't complain too much as I just sat in the draft. We got back before the rains returned and my legs felt better after the ride than they did before.

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