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 Run to Lake
Planned on making the Run to the Lake, a yearly tradition off and on for the past forty years, on next Saturday. Forecast though called for high winds and temperatures in the upper nineties and oddly enough an exceptionally high heat index. Despite that I really couldn't generate much interest in a near one hundred and forty mile group ride. Since I am obligated to make the ride and so be judged by the road gods, I looked for a better day than Saturday since I would be riding alone this year. Weather for today looked ideal with a temperature in the low eighties a slight southern wind to provide a tailwind up to Lake Ontario and an afternoon north wind to provide a tailwind home. Unfortunately when I got up this morning I was experiencing some rather unpleasant stomach distress. Didn't feel like even riding much less spending a good part of the day on the bike. Checked the weather forecast and as the page loaded decided that I would not ride if wind forecast had changed. It was still solid though, and the rest of the week looked infernally hot. Opted to ride with favorable weather despite my distress. Started out before the sun had risen over the east hill and it was pretty chilly with temperatures in the fifties, which is a good thirty degrees lower than what I am accustomed to riding. Stated out spinning in the small chainring and had a very slow first climb. Sun came over the hill as I crested out of Watkins and temperature rapidly rose into the pleasant zone. Winds were from the south as promised. Never got out the small chainring the entire ride. Just kept churning out a moderate tempo over the rolling terrain. Averaged a little over sixteen on the way up which is considerably lower than the twenty four mile an average we used to crank out back in the eighties. Still it was pleasant riding and legs felt good and stomach had settled down. Pulled into Sodus Point and took a short spin around town. There didn't used to be too much there other than cottages last century, but now they have two or three ice cream stands, a fudge shop, a couple of restaurants and a neat looking beach tavern. They also have a public park on the beach and went there after buying some supplies at a gas station. Dined on Dorito chips washed down with copious amounts of Coke and Gatorade. All the fluids seemed to be buy one get one free, and I sorely could use the fluids. Watched people fish and chase a rebellious dog until the wind finished changing to the north then headed for home. Speed dropped a bit climbing out of the lake basin and started to put some effort into the riding around mile eighty near Lyons. Kept a good pace albeit still in the small chainring to Geneva where the long shallow climbs started again. Started feeling fairly strong after the first hundred and started pushing the climbs. Ended up keeping a faster pace on the climbs than I had on the rolling flats. I finishing strongly and felt better after the ride than I did when I started. Got a sense of accomplishment over completing the route yet again. Our best time back in 92 was under six hours and this year I took over eight. The body isn't what it used to be but the equipment I was riding was a few generations better than what we were riding back then when click shifting was a new and a looked down upon thing.

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