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Distance: 98.19 miles Altitude Gain: 3,604 ft Avg Speed: 18.83 mph
Route: Fast Flat Century Avg Grade: 0 % Max Grade: 0 %
Max HR: 180 bpm Avg HR: 134 bpm Terrain: Road: Rolling
Bike: Litespeed Vortex Road Club: Schuyler County Cycling Club
Weather Conditions: Sunny 90 F SE wind @ 5 mph
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 Fast Flat Century
We decided to do the Fast Flat Century today rather than over the weekend as although the temperature would be in the nineties the wind would be fairly light and out of the southeast while the weekend was predicted to be in the nineties with wind in the teens. Joe, Doug and I headed out for the hundred miles of rolling terrain. The course only has the one good climb to Odessa and a few smaller hills salted throughout the course around Nichols and Waverly. We started out with a fairly easy pace to Alpine. Had a puncture that sealed up fairly quickly,but now had a mildly soft tire to deal with. At the Junction we started a fast paceline through the rollers to Spenser. Legs weren't there today and was able to take my pulls but never got in the groove and wasn't able to get any recovery. Thought some nutrition might help and tried to get a gel pack out of my pocket, but my arm and hand were so numb I dropped the packets onto the road. Stopped to recover my Gu and when I got back on the bike the legs refused to put out any power. Doug and Joe went on without me. My legs weren't totally worthless as I was still able to ride near twenty but the boys were still riding in the mid twenties and soon were out of sight. We regrouped in Candor and detoured around the Fourth of July parade and continued to Owego. Pace was slower and I sucked wheel and wasn't able to take any pulls. Felt a little better once we were through Owego and out of the headwind. Felt good on the climbs but still struggled on the flats. Rear tire went flat completely somewhere around Nichols. Not sure whether my earlier seal gave out or had a new event. Ended up sweating a puddle along side the road until the tire was repaired by inserting a tube in the no tube tire. Easier said then done. Got pretty good air in the tire but spirit was broken and legs were gone with fifty miles remaining. Rode alone to Waverly where the boys were waiting for me at a convenience store where we restocked out supplies. Only made it a couple of miles past Chemung before I was dropped again and suffered greatly over the rollers to Jerusalem Hill where we regrouped again. Made it through Horseheads when Joe started cramping. We hit the milled section of road north of Horseheads and my legs really suffered from the vibration. Doug had no problem though and rode on alone. Joe and I limped back to Montour dealing with bouts of cramps. It wasn't to bad though as it was mostly downgrade, and we had a good tailwind. Finished off the ride a little under nineteen which wasn't too bad considering the heat, humidity, soft and flat tires, and cramps. We had planned the ride earlier in the year and it was rained out. Still think dealing with the heat was probably better than dealing with a cold rain.

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