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Distance: 45.59 miles Altitude Gain: 2,928 ft Avg Speed: 17.29 mph
Route: Wayne Avg Grade: 0 % Max Grade: 0 %
Max HR: 162 bpm Avg HR: 132 bpm Terrain: Road: Hills
Bike: Litespeed Vortex Road Club: Schuyler County Cycling Club
Weather Conditions: Overcast 75 F NW wind @ 4 mph

Distance: 6.07 miles Altitude Gain: 229 ft Avg Speed: 9.97 mph
Route: Montour Avg Grade: 0 % Max Grade: 0 %
Max HR: 0 bpm Avg HR: 0 bpm Terrain: Road: Flat
Bike: Tomac Buckshot XC Mtn Club: Schuyler County Cycling Club
Weather Conditions: Overcast 78 F N wind @ 6 mph
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 Wayne's Ride
Introduced Mark to Wayne's ride today. After a couple of miles of flat road to Watkins we started the six mile climb up Mudlake. Had good power and spin today and made the tracks with Mark at a thirteen average. Kept a good spin going upward and was out pacing Mark a couple of times. Notice heartrate would skyrocket when I slowed to allow him to catch up. One would think that the rate would go down as the pressure came off the legs. Crested to the top of Sebring over thirteen which is probably my best climb up it this year. Probably influenced more by a higher average speed to the bottom since there were two of us working the flats. Did another joyful fifty mile an hour plus descent of Sebring then pushed through the rollers to the east side of Waneta Lake. We kept good speed along the lake and then hammered the small climb east of Wayne once we got back on the highway. Hammer time continued as we took turns pulling down the backside with the Big German's pulls occasionally breaking the thirty mile an hour wall. Mark took a break on the next climb, but I kept a good pace going. We rejoined at the top and had another fast descent into Dundee. Climb to Lakemont was fairly subdued but intensity increased once we caught the tailwind in Glenora. Rode side by side with Mark over the five or six miles to top of the hill in Watkins. It was the hardest part of the climb for me matching his speed, as he cranks along at twenty-two or twenty-three on this terrain where normally I only travel around twenty. Heart didn't burst nor legs didn't explode and it turned out to be a pretty good workout.

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